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Products That Fail - 05.31.08

MySpace Karaoke
Okay, I don't know if you could technically consider MySpace's new "MySpace Karaoke" a product, but I'm going to anyway. And, let me tell you, this new gimmick of theirs is an epic fail. For those of you not familiar with this new steaming pile of virtual garbage, let me fill you in.

MySpace Karaoke is a place where talentless losers with too much free time on their hands, like this jerk-off, can go to produce eardrum-shattering music. Why? I really have no clue. Almost every karaoke attempt I suffered through was so bad I wanted to use my speakers for skeet shooting, yet these people put this crap online anyway for other people to "listen to and enjoy." There are literally hundreds of karaoke recordings, and not one of them is any good. You can find a nice list of 'em right here. Listen to a few and it might make you feel better about yourself. The first thing I thought when I got done listening to a couple of these musical disasters was, "Wow, thank God I'm not any of these people."

Kudos to MySpace for providing a place for people to take otherwise decent music and rape the shit out of it. "I know, let's take some music made by people with talent and let completely talentless people make asses out of themselves to it."

Move over, Roxette. You have some serious competition right here.
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