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It's not turning into a prince anytime soon, idiot.
In the fairytale she kisses a frog not a fish, you stupid bitch.
Nice chins.
When she goes to bed her pillow cries itself to sleep.
Please put your tongue back in your mouth immediately.
I love how she pixelated out her tits like they were the most offensive part of the picture. News flash, you Jabba the Hutt looking fuck: your face is just as offensive. In the future, please pixelate that as well.  
Mt. Fatmore
Nature is cruel. If you don't believe me, just look at this gelatinous sack of shit.  
Cindy's way cute. And by "way cute" I mean "I totally want my salami inside of her."
Mmm... cupcakes...
Good job ignoring that warning label, bitch.
Trailer. Check. Pregnancy. Check. Cigarette. Check.

(This picture was actually found on a dating site and submitted to us. Sadly, we're not even joking about that. Some chick was looking for a daddy for her unborn baby online. What approach did she use for seeking a man? She posted this picture of herself posing with a guy out front of her trailer as she smokes a cigarette while pregnant. Way to find a quality man, you stupid fucking whore.)
Just die already.
"Yeah, well, some men love bigger girls," these two sloppy fatbuckets would say. Note to you two greasy slobs: no man wants a cream-filled slophog like you. They just settle for girls like you because they can't get skinnier, more attractive girls. Trust me, porkies, no man would choose one of you over a woman like Salma Hayek so keep dreaming as you shovel those fries into your cellulite-ridden bodies.
She ain't bouncing back up.
Looks like the Michelin Man's sister fell down.  
Nice gut.
You don't have the body to dress like that, chubs. Please put some real clothes on and then go hang yourself in your closet.  
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If they had a TV they'd surely watch Hee-Haw.
Fastest way to get raped? Break down next to their trailer.  

This is supposedly a woman but I have a hard time believing she doesn't have a cock n' balls. Holy shit, fix your face, buddy.

You've exceeded the weight limit for this photo, bitch.
I see she takes her photos in month/day/weight format.  
Thanks, Santa.
If Santa left this chick in my stocking I'd be like, "Thanks a lot, you fucking asshole."  
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