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I just love the name of this site so much. FUCK MY FACEHOLE! Best site name ever!
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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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You're still fucked.
Keep dreaming, buddy.
Talk about putting zero effort into how you look.
Jesus Christ. Fix your face.
You probably shouldn't make fun of fat people when you're fucking fat.
Laugh it up. You'll be wearing pants like that in a few years, you cake-hoarding bitch.  
Captain sea lion relaxing, as always, on her wharf.
Enough said.
Chica's probably one of the best amateur hardcore models online. Her site's packed!
Chica's site features so much content it's ridiculous.
I reckon I'm gonna done see some cars go fast.
How dare people say NASCAR fans are stupid rednecks.    
Her gut works as a doggy bed.
That dog's all like, "OMG, get me the fuck out of here before she glazes me and tries to eat me."
Congratulations on being hideous.
When your daughter's this severely overweight the last thing you should be giving her is cake, you stupid bitch. You should have gotten her a graduation salad.  
Why do fat chicks insist on wearing tight clothes?
I don't know what you're wearing, chubs, but please take it off and slip into something a bit more flattering. Like a coffin.  
Anne is my ex-girlfriend. Okay, not really, but let me have my delusions, okay? I want her. Bad.
The amazing Anne and her perfect... everything! Everything about her is right-on.
Making zero attempt to be productive.
"What do you want to do today?"

"Hmm. I don't know. I was thinking we could just sit around and be fat and ugly."

"Sounds good."
Making her parents proud.

You know you've given up on living any semblance of a respectable life when you tattoo your fucking face. Good going, idiot. Hope you enjoy sucking dick for money 'cause it's about the only job you're ever going to get.

It's called a toothbrush, bitch.
Well, gee, if it isn't the same trashbag from above. This time time she's opting to show off her nicotine stained teeth. Please put a shotgun in your mouth already.  
What's with fat chicks and cake?
God I hate fat chicks.  
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