If you don't think Bree's amazing you might be a complete homo.
Barbie! The hottest tattoo model online and not afraid to get messy!
Real 18-year-olds getting fucked super hard!
Don't let this innocent look fool you.
One of the biggest blowjob sites online!
I totally fucked this girl. I may be lying, but, hey... let me have my delusions.
Serena and Diddy together on one site!
This girl can squirt over ten feet!
Vanessa and company!
I once had sex with Katie Fey. I swear. If that's not true, may God strike me down with ligh-
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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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Just look at those sexy rapist eyes.
Romeo here will love you forever... whether you like it or not. Screw that restraining order.
No, Jeff Dunham is not funny, you fuckbag.
This chick likes Jeff Dunham so I hate her by default. Enough said.
The definition of fugly.
The last time I saw something this nasty I was scraping it off of my boot.  
Hi. I'm Borg, the anti-pussy.
Somebody at the party's not getting laid. Guess who?
Shyla Jennings definitely isn't shy, which is a very good thing because she's way hot.
She's not related to Peter Jennings, don't worry.
Heyyy youuu guysss!
If Sloth from The Goonies* had a sister.

* If you've never seen The Goonies; fuck you.

* If you've seen The Goonies and just didn't like it; fuck you harder.
Everyone look at my sloppy titties!
When you have nasty, saggy tits... you probably shouldn't draw attention to them by getting stupid stars tattooed all over your chest.
Why don't you take a seat...
Boy, Chris Hansen would have a field day with this guy.  
No! Don't sit on the pool table you fat fuck.
Fatty McHideous gears up for a shot. Seconds later the entire pool table is reduced to rubble under the shear pressure of her whale-like mass.

Note to lazy, fat fucks: billiards isn't known for being a sit-down game. I guess standing's too hard when you're four billion pounds.
"Hi, my name's Tiffany and I'm super hot and can take a dick like a champ. Rock on."
Suck it, Tiffany!
Tattoo fail.
I'd love to remove that stupid white trash tattoo using a shotgun instead of a laser.  
Tennessee: land of backwards hillbillies who speak like retards.

Wow, two things I hate the most: fat chicks and Tennessee. Seriously, have you ever been to Tennessee? Fuck that state, hard.

Ah, dude, sick.
Somebody's attempt at being sexy just failed, miserably. I'm amazed this chubby pork sack could even get her hoof up that high.  
Yep. Mmmhmm. Yup. Yep.

It's like a real life episode of King of the Hill.

Something tells me these guys might be NASCAR fans. Just a hunch.

Bryci, Bryci, Bryci, can't you see? Sometimes your boobs just hypnotize me.
Holy crap Bryci's hot. Just look at those cannons... whoa!
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