Simply Devon is simply adorable!
Hot chicks getting extremely messy!
London will steal  your heart!
Holy shit!
Ever wondered what it'd be like if the girl next door sucked you off? Yeah.
The girls over at Twisty's are amazingly hot!
Real 18-year-olds getting fucked super hard!
I wish these real girls would love sex with me.
I know straight girls who would even bone this girl. God she's hot.
Teen Katie. I would totally rape her and then lie about it.
Tia is one of the many models on Your Erotic Paradise!
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Thanks for blinding me you stupid bitch.
"Hi. My fat rolls aren't obvious enough so I'll draw more attention to them by wearing the brightest shirt on the planet."
Stop feeding fat chicks cake. Jesus.
Fat chicks should be given birthday fruit cups and birthday salads, not birthday cakes. Enough already with the fucking cakes. They've obviously had too much of it anyway.
It puts the lotion on its skin...
There's a good chance the lamp shades in this guy's house are made out of human skin.  
Please cover your face back up. Thanks.
Ah, so this is what Cousin It looks like behind all that hair. No wonder it usually keeps its face covered up.

Yes, that was an Addam's Family joke.
Cousin It
If you don't agree that Erica's one of the hottest girls online, do everyone a favor and die.
You will fantasize about her, trust me.
It doesn't even need cheeks. Or a chin.
Because cheeks and a chin are for suckers.

Another seemingly genderless asshole.
Please don't breed.
Call me crazy, but I'd be willing to bet this happy couple watches NASCAR.
Psst... we can still see you.
If you wear camouflage while napping nobody can see what a lazy shitbag you are. At least that's this guy's theory.  
Anyone still against abortion?
Before posting a picture as your Facebook profile picture, it might be a good idea to check and make sure your junk's not hanging out.  
Cierra's awesome for too many reasons to list, so just check out her site and see.
Why, hello there. Yes, I will gladly marry you.
You know you want some of this, ladies.
Again, somebody's attempt at trying to look cool just failed miserably.  
Just fucking die.

I'm fascinated with how in the fiddily-fuck anybody could let their girlfriend step outside wearing this. It looks like she ran through a field of Twinkies and stopped to eat a few dozen along the way. This mushy sack of gelatinous shit should be put on permanent house arrest for wearing this.

Nice nonexistent chin.
When you get so fat your chin and your neck become one... it might be time to invest in a treadmill.  

Poor. Genetic. Material.

The internet just wouldn't be the same without the gorgeous Nicole Graves. Disagree? Fuck you.
I just jizzed my pants.
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