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Next Christmas ask for a push-up bra.
Christmas time with Fats McTitsag. Hopefully Santa brings her some chocolate-covered cyanide pills.
His name is Steve and I'm fairly sure he takes it in the poop chute.
This meat sack trolls message boards acting like a pompous asshole. He's from the U.K. yet lives in America and slams on the U.S. every chance he gets. Real cool thing to do. He also changes his username every week and appears to have absolutely no life. I told him I'd add his picture to this page because he's such a giant fucking faggot but I don't think he believed me. Well, believe it now you spineless shit pile. I'd like to shoot this guy in the eyeball with a squirt gun filled with AIDS.
Nice dental plan, idiot.
Ah, fuck.  
If you have to wear an elastic waistband because you're too fat to wear normal pants... you should just die.
Welcome to America, where fat is the new average body type. This hideous cellulite mountain can't even wear real pants. I'd tell her to go play in traffic but her oversized body would probably do more damage to the cars than they'd do to her.
Just visiting this site gives me a stiffy. The sad thing is, I'm not even joking.
I love this site, and you will too! It's beyond hot.
Wolverine. That is, if Wolverine had stupid Forrest Gump braces on his arms and zero muscle. The only thing this clown and Wolverine have in common is that they're both mutants.  
Momma Longbrows, wife of Daddy Longlegs.
Meet Spider-Eyes McGee. If one of those things so much as brushed my awesome skin I'd probably freak out and punch her in the face just out of reflex alone.
If I found this in my lawn I'd get my lawn mower immediately.

Finding this in my yard would make me want to mow my lawn. Too bad I'd probably ding the mower blade all up on its stupid Cro-Magnon-looking skull.

If you ever get a boyfriend he'll be thinking of somebody else when you fuck, trust me.
Nobody is ever going to truly love you.  
I've always been a boob man, so this site is a major turn-on. If you like boobs, you'll agree!
If you like big tits, this is the place to be.
Cheese head? More like cheese body.

*Insert your own cheesy joke here.*

Get it? Cheesy joke?

Ah, fuck you.

Nice hair, buddy.

This chick has that disorder where you tear out your own hair and eat it. Yes, you read that correctly and, yes, that's a real disorder.

What a stupid bitch!

Please cover yourself up immediately.
You know, just because you have big tits doesn't mean you have nice tits. Why don't some women realize this? Oh, wait, I know. It's because they're fat and stupid.  
Umm... yeah. These guys probably aren't coming to any of my parties. Ever.

I don't know who's dumber. The guy who thought this would be a cool idea, or the other guys who agreed it'd be a cool idea.

(And why the fuck is the guy in the middle dressed like a doctor? Everything about this picture scares me.)

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