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Please be a bottle of cyanide.
Two things:

1.) I wish that was a bottle full of poison.
2.) I wish she'd fucking drink it.
Nice shirt, dick.
This asshole lives in my town. I know it's shocking, but he's never been laid and probably never will be unless he can find a hooker who accepts food stamps.
Somebody's about to cook up some sexual assault.
Hey, look. Chef Boyarrape.  
What a loser.
Shortly after this picture was taken the pole gave out causing the ceiling to come crashing down on her.

(Hey, we can dream.)
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Hey, it did win an award once...
Need a way to cement your white trashdom? Just get the logo of the world's shittiest beer tattooed right on your chest. Congratulations, chick. You just ruined your life.  
Nice chin.
The Wicked Witch of the West fucked Jay Leno and popped out this abomination.
Very smooth, Romeo. Now please just go die.

"You're really turning me on," said nobody to this guy ever.

If rocks had a weight limit this one would be dead.

Please enlarge this picture and just look at it.

This is a wedding that seriously took place in Maine. As you can see, this special occasion called for some fancy footwear.

I just feel bad for that fucking rock.

Bryci, Bryci, Bryci, can't you see? Sometimes your boobs just hypnotize me.
Holy crap Bryci's hot. Just look at those cannons... whoa!
She's only holding him because she thinks he's chocolate.

When your arm is so fat it's the size of a small child... it might be time to reevaluate your life. Or just die. Either one works for me but I'd prefer the latter.

Fat and genderless. How attractive.

Holy androgyny! Cap'n hermaphrodite here needs to hurry up and pick a gender. I seriously have no idea if this is a man or a woman. Whatever it is, it's 100% disgusting.

Seriously, you tell me what it is. Man? Woman? It's fucking disturbing.  
I hate this thing.

Being fat sucks enough but being fat and genderless? I mean, come on. If there really is a God he must hate this thing.

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