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One of the biggest blowjob sites online!
Simply Devon is simply adorable!
Serena and Diddy together on one site!
I have seen heaven, and her name is Holli Paige.
I'd like to stink my dink in her pink.
A bunch of hot chicks being hot. I love this site.
Got ink?
She's new, she's cute, and she's... naked!
Holy shit!
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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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I'd love to shave her head and push her into oncoming traffic.
This hairstyle doesn't work on supermodels, let alone your fat fucking head. You can't even wear a necklace right, you stupid cellulite magnet.
Only in America.
"Gramma, I heard you have a tattoo. What's it of?"

"Oh, sonny, it's of a mediocre energy drink that us white trash folk drank by the gallon forty years ago."

Talk about a stupid life decision.
Oilyface McNignog
Nice face. This chick looks like she just got done bathing in the excess oil at Jiffy Lube.  
Nice non-tit.
Stop acting like you even have a boob to put back in your top, chubs. You know what the worst kind of fat chick is? A fat chick who doesn't even have big tits. Like, seriously, if you're going to be fat at least have giant knockers.
Anne is my ex-girlfriend. Okay, not really, but let me have my delusions, okay? I want her. Bad.
The amazing Anne and her perfect... everything! Everything about her is right-on.
You're still a piece of shit. Now you're just a sparkly piece of shit.
Adding a bunch of stupid sparkles to your face definitely isn't a good way to distract people from your fatness, you Porky Pig-looking fuck.  
You're getting sleepy... very sleepy. No? Then drink this.
This guy looks like he'd try to hypnotize you then rape you.
Please put your tongue back in your mouth. While you're att it, put a shotgun in there, too.

Um, buddy? Chicks like it when Gene Simmons does this because he's a rockstar and a millionaire whereas you're just some stupid asshole in a single wide.

Lose weight.

She's probably thinking, "Damn, this table kind of looks like a big cheese wheel. Nom, nom, nom."

Sick of sites that are epic failures? Look no further. Dawson's site is kick-ass!
It doesn't get any hotter than Dawson Miller!
Don't turn this rape into a murder, says this guy.

This. This is the face of impending rape.

Her head looks like somebody glued seaweed to a pumpkin.

She has her hoof out all like, "Gimme some Skittles!" Well, I worked out today so I can have my Skittles whereas you sat around around eating, watching TV, and resenting skinny chicks so go die of a heart attack already you slovenly cunt.

Ow, ow, my eyes.
Sometimes I actually envy Steve Wonder. Not because he's rich and talented, but because he doesn't have to see stuff like this.  
Chick magnets.

Guess which one of these guys has to pay for sex?

Trick question. They both do.

This site's awesome and you should take my word for it 'cause I don't lie. It's packed with 100% real user-submitted photos and it will blow your mind. If you love ex-girlfriend/revenge sites, look no farther! This is the site you've been searching for. Check it!
Most of these girls have no idea they're even online. Sucks to be them!
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