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The Tonight Show with Busted McGee!
In a few years she'll be hosting her own mediocre late night show.

(Jay Leno reference for all you retards out there.)
Bitch, please. You don't even have very big tits. Go die.
Thank you for censoring your fat tits, but next time try censoring your entire fat fucking body.
What a nice body! Said nobody ever.
Please wear this to the beach so a Jap can harpoon you, you disgusting whale.  
So close to being a cyclops.
Somebody got their head stuck in a vice.
Let's face it; girls with glasses are extremely hot. If you're a fan of glasses like me, check this out!
I'll cum all over those damn glasses!
Go back to your palace, Hutt.
Nice try with the wig but we all know it's you, Jabba.  
Unfortunately, we can see you.
A John Cena fan spotted at Walmart? Say it isn't so. Somebody needs to tell this giblet head that wrasslin' is fake and that John Cena is kind of a faggot. It may cause his head to explode and I'd be just fine with that. Unfortunately, he's probably already reproduced.

Nice hat, fuck-o. Next time use plastic instead of paper and pull it down far enough to suffocate to death.

Give up. The cake is gone.

Don't be fooled, she's not trying to be sexy, she's just making sure she got all of the cake.

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes? These porn bloopers are hilarious and hot!
Porn bloopers are the best!
Please put clothes on... and then go kill yourself.

Captain Stretchmarks will save the day by making criminals so revulsed they turn themselves in.

Nice lumpy face, asshole.

Her face looks like Ray Charles scuplted it with Play-Doh and then beat it with a rolling pin. The toilet in the background is more appealing.

Oink times two!
Question: Which one is the pig?

Answer: It was a trick question, they're both fucking pigs.
Please go slit your throat.
How chiseled. What did you use to sculpt that body, a bowling ball?  
This site's awesome and you should take my word for it 'cause I don't lie. It's packed with 100% real user-submitted photos and it will blow your mind. If you love ex-girlfriend/revenge sites, look no farther! This is the site you've been searching for. Check it!
Most of these girls have no idea they're even online. Sucks to be them!
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