I wish these real girls would love sex with me.
This chick loves the cock.
I would totally molest this girl if given the chance.
Ever wondered what it'd be like if the girl next door sucked you off? Yeah.
Who doesn't love Carmen?
Cali Logan is a gorgeous teen with an amazing body.
I would totally marry this chick just so she could be my trophy wife.
A bunch of hot chicks being hot. I love this site.
I would love to take this girl out for a drink so I could slip a roofie in it. Kidding. Kind of.
A deal too good to pass up!
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Sweet Jesus.
What the fuck.  
Give it up already.
News flash: the south lost. I actually know this kid in real life. He is 27 and lives with his parents and does Civil War reenactments. It may come as a shock, but he never gets laid.
And she wonders why she's fat.
Yes, that's bacon she's about to inhale. Isn't this some form of cannibalism? Sad thing is, she probably goes home and wonders why she's fat. Probably blames it on genetics. Well, gee, maybe if you didn't down bacon like it was Skittles you wouldn't be so fucking hideous, ham hocks.  
Making ladies swoon.
Looking in the mirror to make sure he's still fat.  
I've always been a boob man, so this site is a major turn-on. If you like boobs, you'll agree!
If you like big tits, this is the place to be.
Down s'more calories, you stupid bitch.
The cause of your obesity has just been identified, porky.  
Representin' those slices, yo.
Because real gangsta's work at Domino's and live with their parents.
Fucking sick.
She's so proud of being an oversized fatbucket that she even got corporate sponsoring.  
Sadly, I like him more than the real Superman, who just comes off as way too gay.
Missing chromosome boy will save the day. After he's done eating cake and ice cream, that is.  
Super hot girls. Brilliant photography. This site is classy, sophisticated, and extremely well done.
Some of the hottest girls and best photography online!
Matching shirts. How cute.
Double your pleasure. Double your cellulite. Pretty sure when they go to the zoo, the elephants throw them peanuts.  
Vroom! My chair goes hella fast.

What Would Jesus Do? Probably not be in a wheelchair, what with being the son of God and everything. But, if he did have a wheelchair, I'm pretty sure he'd trick it out like this dude did and add some awesome flames on the side.

"My chair can go 6 mph!"

I wonder how many bars of soap you could make out of her?
Just when I thought nothing could get worse than the computer generated Jabba the Hutt that Lucas decided to wreck the Star Wars movies with, this plus-size slophog comes along.  
American Eagle 4 lyfe, homey!
It's common knowledge that all real thugs shop at American Eagle and have tampons tattooed on their stomach. Oh, wait, that's suppose to be a cigar.  
I'm a sucker for pretty eyes, and for my money, Amy has some of the best online!
Those eyes. Just look at those eyes...
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