Four years online and still going strong!
Vanessa and company!
I'd like to stink my dink in her pink.
I just love the name of this site so much. FUCK MY FACEHOLE! Best site name ever!
One of the hottest crossover megasites ever!
Tia is one of the many models on Your Erotic Paradise!
Who doesn't love Carmen?
She's hot, and she knows how to take a dick. Epic win.
I would totally marry this chick just so she could be my trophy wife.
Hot chicks with mouths full of cock. WIN!
A clusterfuck of young chicks!
I have a throbbing boner for this girl.
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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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Ew, gross.
If Weird Al and that faggot lead singer from Nickelback had a kid.  
Direct from Jabba's palace...
It doesn't even waste time bothering to have a chin.
It lives in a van down by the river.
Chris Farley had a sister?

You know the chick on the left only hangs out with this sea cow to look prettier and feel better about herself. That's what broads do, seriously.
One fetus that should have been ShopVac'ed out.
Whenever somebody tells me abortion is wrong, I show them pictures like this.  
Ivy Black is the newest craze sweeping the web. Why? Because she's fucking gorgeous.
Hottest new model online!
Back to the patch, kid.
Cabage Patch Kids aren't so cute anymore once they grow up.  
Garbage Pail Kid
Like, seriously. It's just weird.
No thanks.
Sorry about your face, buddy.  
Love at first sight.
Which one is the whale? It's hard to tell.  
I have no idea how this site is even legal but it is and it's awesome. Prepare to have your mind blown!
Most of these girls have no idea they're even online. Sucks to be them!
Go back to Sesame Street.
I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I'm fairly sure it's a Jim Henson creation.  
Go away.

If Gary Busey had a daughter, and that daughter was beaten repeatedly with a bag of rocks.

Her dress is made out of a tablecloth.
"Maybe if there are enough hearts in the background, people won't noticed that I'm fucking hideous."  
Wow. Just... wow.
I don't even have to say anything.  
Me: "Can you come bail me out of jail?" My brother: "Why, what happened?" Me: "Cindy woke up halfway through."
Mmm... cupcakes...
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