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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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It moves via sticks and strings.
I don't know what it is but yet again I'm fairly certain it's some sort of Jim Henson creation.  
I think I saw her on Sesame Street.
Yes, I'm thoroughly convinced it's some sort of muppet.
There's not enough booze in the world to make them halfway attractive.
Ug and Uglier. Coming soon to a theater near you. Buy your tickets in advance, or better yet, just get a gun and put it in your mouth because that'd be more enjoyable than watching these two fucknuggets.  
This might be the highlight of her life.
No, no, don't be confused. She's not blowing those candles out. She's merely getting ready to inhale the entire fucking cake.  
If you don't think Bryci is amazing, you just might be a homosexual. I mean, come on.
Holy crap Bryci's hot. Just look at those cannons... whoa!
Hoo, hoo, hoo! Monkey.
She won the award for 2009's "Most Fucked-Up Face" contest... twice.  
Transvestites are not cool, have never been cool, and will never be cool.
I don't know if it's a boy or a girl. Or a boy pretending to be a girl. Or a girl pretending to be a boy. Or a hippo pretending to be human. It just needs to go away.
Mr. Potato Head's sister.
Some people you don't even need to meet to know you just hate them. Case in point.  
It's pretty sad when you're bigger than a tree.
She liked her first chin so much she decided to add on a second.  
Lovely Anne is an awesome name for her site because she truly is awesome. Just look!
The amazing Anne and her perfect... everything! Everything about her is right-on.
He looka lika man.
"My excess of chin makes up for my lack of eyeballs."  
What sucks is a serial killer couldn't even use this idiot's skin for anything.

People like this are the reason this site exists. Although it appears these were drawn on by Helen Keller using a few colored Sharpies, I can assure you that they're actual tattoos. They won't be washing off anytime soon. Good job, you fucking retard.

Those aren't breasts. They're cookie storage units.
Some pictures don't even need a caption. This might be one of them. Fat people taking photos of themselves shoveling food into their oversized faces. 'Nuff said.  
Yep. You're still really fat.
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall... who is the fattest trashbag of them all?"

Stop trying to be sexy, ham hocks.
Tiffany's body is amazing. Better yet, she also knows how to take a cock like a pro.
Suck it, Tiffany!
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