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What a pig.
Because yellow teeth and boob stains are so in right now.  
Sesame Street meets Love Line.
The illegitimate lovechild of Adam Carolla and Guy Smiley.
Straight out of a Ghostbusters movie.
"Just think of all the soap we could make out of her," said Tyler Durden.  
She comes equipt with a back-up chin.
Meet Kelly. She's so fat she has to wake up in sections.  
I have no idea how this site is even legal but it is and it's awesome. Prepare to have your mind blown!
Most of these girls have no idea they're even online. Sucks to be them!
Her sex-change surgeon gave up halfway through.
Although the facial hair would have us believe otherwise, this is actually a female.

When this chick was born her parents probably named her "Shit Happens."
Chris Farley's little sister.
If cell phones could cry, the one in this fat sack's hoof would be bawling its eyes out.
Ew, seriously.
This broad's so ugly she could model for death threats.  
Go away.
That's real attractive you stupid piece of ice cream inhaling shit.  
Gorgeous girls stripping out of their sexy bikinis. This site definitely doesn't fail!
Hot chicks definitely don't fail!
Marriage gives them an excuse to eat cake.
You know the most exciting part of this wedding for her was the cake.  
She was lucky to survive the explosion at the Yarn Barn.

Her hair is sponsored by Yarn Barn.

They even had their table reserved.
It was the best anniversary they'd ever had. Thank you, Peter Piper Pizza.  
Dialing 1-800-GUT-FREE
Gastric bypass pamphlet in one hand. Surgeon on phone in the other hand.

We can dream, anyway.
Leah has some of the best boobies you'll ever see. I kind of want them in my mowf.
Why, hello!
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