Abbie's gorgeous and knows how to take a dick! Great combination, huh?
Hot chicks doing all sorts of sexy crap. It doesn't fail.
How can you say no to a face like hers?
Simply Devon is simply adorable!
She's new, she's cute, and she's... naked!
A clusterfuck of young chicks!
Warning: you might want to invest in some paper towels before checking out this site.
I would love to take this girl out for a drink so I could slip a roofie in it. Kidding. Kind of.
Sabrina worships at the temple of the cock.
Jenny doesn't fail at being sexy.
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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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Harvard graduates, the both of 'em.
It was the last photo taken of Hilda and Cletus before the meth lab exploded, blowing their crooked trailer to bits.  
Stop stealing my air, fucker.
She buys Breathe Right Nasal Strips™ by the case.
This could be a Jeff Foxworthy album cover.
Winner of the 2009 Miss Alabama "Hottest Sister" award. Runner-up for the 2009 Miss Alabama "Best Random Chair in a Field" award.  
She won't need a date to the prom. She'll be at the trailer with her kids.
Janice may be awkward, but the three kids she'll pop out by age seventeen will still love her nonetheless.  
Riot Girls is the site to visit if you're not a homosexual and like extremely hot naked chicks.
Hi, please let me stick my pee-pee inside of you.
The Cure meets The Idiot.
Life in mom's basement can be so hard at times, twa.

I don't even know if this is a guy or girl. It refuses to conform to one specific gender. Goddamn conformists.
Eat a bullet already you fuckshaft.
If being a disgusting shitbucket were a crime, this motherfucker would be in the lethal injection express lane.
My brother would hit it...
Skeletor's grandmother hits the beach for a day of silicone-sagging fun.  
Look, he invented vagina repellent.
He wears the aluminum foil helmet to prevent aliens from reading his thoughts. He also wears it to prevent losing his virginity.  
Amateur Playground is one of the top amateur sites online for a damn good reason!
Yes please!
She looks so enthused.
She's so ugly she has to trick or treat over the phone.  

An early 90's Michael Jackson... if he got hit by a bus.

I think this is actually supposed to be a chick. I don't know. I stopped looking at it 'cause it hurt my eyeballs.

Best. Picture. Ever.
This could very well be the best "People I Hate" photo ever. The reason is obvious.  
'Maybe if I lean in like this, it'll make me look slimmer!'
The Leaning Tower of Fat.  
So basically Shyla Jennings doesn't fail at being extremely fucking hot.
She's not related to Peter Jennings, don't worry.
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