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Just what it says it is. Hot girls taking off their bikinis!
Don't let this innocent look fool you.
Internet legend Erica!
Simply Devon is simply adorable!
London will steal  your heart!
Holy shit!
Hot chicks with mouths full of cock. WIN!
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People I Hate
People I don't have to meet to know I don't like
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Please be poisonous.
Blowing cigarette smoke at a snake as it's wrapped around your neck with its face in your face is always a great idea. I'd give anything for this to be a full grown anaconda so it could squeeze the life out of this fucking droolbag.  
Somebody's looking a bit thick!
Fucking sick.
What an ugly bitch.
The dog's the one on the left.  
Who says humans can't breed with monkeys?
"Hoo, hoo, hoo." Nice face, asshole. Your father should probably stop raping monkeys.  
Rub'N'Tug is one flippin' sweet site devoted entirely to hot chicks giving hot handjobs. Must see!
Hot chicks jacking cock. Sweet.
She sucks. Get it?
"I have big bones," she tells people. News flash, ham hocks: If you replaced that candy for a fruit cup maybe you'd stop secretly resenting all of your skinny friends.  
White Strips... get some.
Her teeth are so yellow, when she smiles... traffic slows down.
She should sell ad space on her chin.
If Jay Leno and the Wicked Witch of the West had a kid, I'm pretty sure it'd look something like this.  
Worst spiderweb ever.
What a lovely tattoo, trashbag. It looks like you got run over by a truck.  
Emily is another girl who just drives me crazy. How could you ever say no to a face (and body) like hers?
Emily will drive you wild. Just look at her!
I wish she hid her face, too.
Guess what? Even hiding your body we can all still tell you're fat.  
You probably haven't pulled this off in twenty years, sweetie.

I don't know who I hate more: Her, for wearing a two-piece bathing suit, or whoever told her it looked good on her.

You won't be climbing any walls, jerky.
I think it's pretty much a given that this guy's never had sex without paying a good amount of money.  
'Maybe if I lean in like this, it'll make me look slimmer!'
You're right; we can't afford you. We can't afford the amount of plastic surgery it'd take to make you look like a normal fucking person.  
Very Bad Teens is quite the appropriate title. These teens are indeed very bad. In a good way, though.
Young chicks getting railed. Sweet!
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